The restaurant is decorated with Moroccan divans and a monumental fireplace with ancient Moroccan pottery.

You can enjoy traditional Moroccan cuisine (couscous, tagines, pastilla, harira,…)

Various menus are available – here are a few examples

Starters :

Moroccan salad (taktouka, zaalouk, pumpkins…)

Variety of Briwat (Meat and shrimp)

Small Pastilla (chicken OR fish)

Harira (Moroccan soup) with dates and Chebakia

Rhaif with Khlii (dried meat)

Main Course :

Tagine of veal meat (prunes and almonds OR almonds and dried grape OR quince

Tagine of chicken ( prunes and almonds OR olives and lemon )

Tagine of chicken KADRA (onion and almonds )

Rfissa (fresh pasta with chicken and onion )

Tagine of minced meat with eggs (or without)

Kabab Maghdour (cubes of veal meat with sauce and with or without eggs)

Tagine of vegetables (Vegetarian) – 30 mn

Main Course to be ordered before 4 PM:

Tagine of lamb meat or veal meat OR chiken with vegetables

Tagine of fish (M’charmel)

Brochette of meat OR chicken OR turkey OR minced meat OR fish

Couscous Royal with vegetables, lamb, veal or chicken (for 2 pax)


Moroccan pastry

Fruits of the season

Fruits salad

Salad of oranges and cinnamon

Dessert to be ordred before 4 pm :

Knafa (pastilla with milk and almonds)

Flan (cream caramel)